The final activity week

For my final activity, I decided to create a “Thank U” sign. I decided on a black background so the colors would pop more and loved the way it came out. The drawings consist of my favorite weeks of the semester which were Week 3, Week 8/9, and Week 12. I wanted to create one final thank you to Professor Zucman for not only teaching during quarantine but not requesting too much from students. I have never taken such a fun art class until I took Art 110. Even on zoom, I enjoyed this class aplenty and am saddened that I might never take an art class again.

This was an educational experience.

Kaiser Permanente

Named a “Best Place To Work At” in 2019 by Glassdoor

They display themselves as a healthcare provider who offers high-quality healthcare for an affordable price. Their benefits are aplenty, offering 401k Pension, retirement, plenty of healthcare benefits, and much more. Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles…

At the beginning of the semester, I was asked, “What is art?” and I probably would have replied with “anything.” That answer isn’t necessarily wrong, but it’s so broad and shallow, not specific enough. Of course, art is everything around us. From buildings to graffiti along a brick wall, but…

Artist: Micol Hebron

Media: Digital Media, Social Media, Performance, Sculpture, Painting



Artist: Joseph DeLappe

Media: Art Installation, Sculpture, Video Games



To Begin with, Micol Hebron is a 48-year-old artist and Professor whose forms of media are social media, transformative speaking, video, and…

Charlie Valles

I dont know anything about art, but yeah. Stick Figures anyone?

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