Wk 11 — Student Choice — Part 4

Disclaimer: The piece addresses the idea of depression

First Draft vs Final Version

To begin with, my strengths in the first piece were pretty much the design. The design was hard for me to come up with because I didn't know how or where to start but ended up loving it. As for weaknesses, I would say the shading and the design of the rope. The shading of the rope looks pretty bad and inconsistent with the hand. If I didn't tell you it was a rope, you probably wouldn't know what it was. The background was something I liked but ultimately altered. I didn't receive any critiques, so I just kind of adjusted it the way I wanted. First off, I did the piece on my Surface Pro. This was mostly because I wanted to mess around with shading and editing as much as I could. I also changed the hand position, the rope, and the background, so I pretty much redid the whole design. The hand looks more natural and the rope actually looks recognizable. The background was made more legible so that the audience can read it. Overall, I really loved the way it came out. I prefer the 2nd version because it looks much more polished.



Charlie Valles

I dont know anything about art, but yeah. Stick Figures anyone?